Get to know me

I struggle with labelling myself, as there are so many things that I have already done and many more to come. I am a freelance journalist, with a passion for photography, storytelling and investigation. My main focus is on society, war and politics, geographically bound to the Middle East and Eastern/Northeastern Europe. After achieving my MA in War and Conflict with thesis on disinformation methods used against Ukraine, I have joined the Digital Communication team at the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I am always up for freelance opportunities in digital and broadcast journalism, and for ways of telling the stories that matter, through visual and textual content. Have been working as a freelance communications specialist for 6 years with social initiatives, social business and NGOs, have been a part of various and diverse comms teams, working on publishing and podcasting. I believe from the bottom of my heart that the most important stories are usually left untold, and it is my goal to change that.

With that bold statement, I am open and ready for any challenge ahead. Passion for storytelling through journalism and photography lead from communications and design, where most of my skills are based at, to journalism track. 

My desire to tell stories that are forgotten, neglected or simply covered because they lack a happy ending is what pushed me to pursue a career in Journalism. I have a long way to go, but I know, that I am getting on the right track.

Looking for more information? Check my CV!