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The Web is an infinite space, probably, larger than the universe itself, and yet, You have stumbled across My Portfolio page. How amazing is that?

I have not won any awards yet, but I am working on it. I love telling and sharing stories, that are hidden, forgotten, neglected or just covered because they were not convenient, through articles and photography. And I am ready for a challenge of doing more!

Many European countries are full of gray Soviet apartment buildings. These Latvian architect aim to redefine that [Dutch]

In zijn serie ‘Latvian Notes’ reflecteert fotograaf Arnis Balcus op het alledaagse leven in Letland. Sinds 2008 richt hij daarvoor zijn lens op collectieve rituelen en de publieke ruimte. Na aankomst op het vliegveld van Riga zien de meeste toeristen weinig meer dan de vele art-nouveaugebouwen waar de Letse hoofdstad om bekendstaat. Maar reis je per auto of trein kriskras door het land, dan stuit je op een andere werkelijkheid: een leeg platteland en steden vol woonblokken. Tijdens de snelle

Who’s Laughing Now? A Talk Show Host Goes Political

To challenge the decreasing trust the young nation has in democracy, Laisves TV organizes an annual festival of debates between politicians and activists. The extensive discussions that happen at Laisves piknikas, “Liberty Picnic,” reveal that people want to see rapid change and more young people in office. But in politics, “there cannot be a revolution, only an evolution, and it is already happening,” says Tapinas, who also hosts a satirical show, Laikykites ten, “Hold On There,” which combines

A Blueprint for Democracy: Redesigning Public Space in Latvia

“People know how to use a good street when they see one,” says Evelina Ozola, a Latvian architect and urbanist. After completing her studies in the Netherlands, she experienced mild culture shock on returning to Latvia. Evelina believes there is a lot Latvia and the other Baltic states can learn from cities in the Netherlands and Sweden when it comes to creating urban spaces conducive to vibrant street life. “I believe that the reason we don’t feel free in our streets might be related to the lac

[Pasibelsk] Algirdas ir Remigijus Gataveckai: „Pilietiškas žmogus turi saugoti ir artimą, ir svetimą“

Skubantis žmogus, gatvėje ištiesęs ranką nukritusiai mergaitei. Praeivis, stabtelėjęs prie vienas kitą užgauliojančių vaikų. Kaimynė, padėjusi senyvo amžiaus močiutei užlipti laiptais. Mažos, kasdienės istorijos įrodo – kaimynai, praeiviai, nepažįstami žmonės gali tapti kiekvieno iš mūsų herojais. Socialinė iniciatyva „Pasibelsk” kviečia pasidalinti kasdienėmis neabejingumo istorijomis, nes, kaip tikina Algirdas ir Remigijus Gataveckai, „niekada negali žinoti, kada tau gali prireikti pagalbos.“

Murderers or Rescuers? Lithuanian Journalists in a Crossfire of Historical Memory

Valerija Jakštienė was a history teacher in a small school of Žasliai, a town of less than 700 inhabitants. Now retired, Valerija is still actively engaged in researching local history and leading guided tours around the region. Žasliai, surrounded by three lakes, easily attracts any wanderer, with a picturesque neogothic church on a hill merging with a green valley and a seemingly endless lake beneath, calm and peaceful.

The Old Continent Podcast | Finland - Unknown Soldiers and Well-know Patriots

"Old Continent" Podcast series explores Europe, its people and politics, stories, that are not explored enough. According to a Gallup poll, 3 out of 4 Finns are willing to fight for their country - the highest number in Europe. But what is it the Finns are ready to fight for? Who are they afraid of? And what makes a nation patriotic? We will try to outline that and more in today’s episode of The Old Continent, Finland: Unknown Soldiers and Well Known Patriots

The Old Continent Podcast | Poland. Influence, Power and The Church

"The Old Continent" Podcast series explores Europe, its people and politics, stories, that are not explored enough. The magnifying glasses of European Union has been hovering over Poland since the parliamentary election of March 2015 when far fight Law and Justice party won the elections. Three personas of Poland share not only the tribune but influence and power at the backstage - President Andrzej Duda, the newly appointed Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, PiS party leader Jarosław Kaczyński - who is the real leader of Poland? Are they overpowered by a handful of influential priests of the Catholic Church

The Old Continent Podcast | Where's Justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia and Malta?

"The Old Continent" Podcast series explores Europe, its people and politics, stories, that are not explored enough. When a bomb exploded under journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia's car, an uproar from the Maltese people ignited. In a society full with secrecy, tax manoeuvres and dishonesty, the people now want answers. But will the pressure on the government amount to any changes? In the second episode of The Old Continent, we go to Malta, and ask where is justice?

Socialinių inovatorių amžius arba Kas laukia Lietuvos socialinio verslo 2017-aisiais?

Dizaino sprendimai pasitelkiant antrines žaliavas, siekiant sumažinti išmetamų šiukšlių kiekį. Išskirtinai socialinę atskirtį patiriančių žmonių bendruomenės bei verslo kūrimas, leidžiantis lengviau įsilieti į darbo rinką. Drabužių ir papuošalų kolekcijos iš padėvėtų drabužių. Ir daugelis kitų. Į verslo pasaulį atėjo jaunų žmonių, skambiai vadinančių save entrepreneriais, inovatoriais, startuolių kūrėjais karta.